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The Larder at Maple Drive is a cafe and full-service catering provider.


We offer weekday delivery of breakfast and lunch to your home or office, as well as full service catering for events of all sizes through Lucques Catering.


If you'd like full service catering with dishes cooked for you at your home or event venue, please email







breakfast pastry platter :

chef’s assortment of breakfast pastries:

(scones, croissants, muffins or pain au chocolat)

with house-made jam & Oregon creamery butter

8.5/person (min. 8 people)


house-made granola with yogurt or milk  6/person (min. 8 people)

- add market berries  3/person (min. 8 people)


smoked fish platter (serves 6-8) :

smoked salmon and white fish with redwood hill goat cheese,

house made rye bread, cucumbers, onions & tomatoes 75


sticky buns (serves 6-8) :

cinnamon sugar bun topped with caramel & toasted pecans 32


PLATTERS (serves 6-8)

seasonal fruit platter 46

market crudités with buttermilk dressing  40

artisanal cheese with condiments  68

assorted cured meats and salumi  56

slow-roasted salmon with cucumber yogurt 70

grilled jidori chicken with green olives & preserved lemons 68



hamburger bun 1/ea

dinner roll 1/ea

blueberry boule 10

aoc sourdough 7

sourdough boule 5

wheat boule 7

sourdough baguette 4

French baguette 4

crostini (dozen) 8



buttermilk 6/half pint

aioli 5/half pint

barbecue sauce 6/half pint



marinated olives  16/pint

pickles 8/pint

julie’s nuts 16/pint

marcona almonds 12/pint




sandwich platter :

chef’s selection or choose from:

the Marcia

the Maple Drive

the Pilgrim

the Reuben

the turkey melt

the big tuna

or the Sandwich of the Day

12/person (min. 8 people)

- add house-made potato chips and pickles 2/person (min. 8 people)



a selection of our ficelle (mini baguette) sandwiches

7/ea or 6/ea for 8 or more

8 ficelle in our wire basket (great hostess gift!) 60



SALADS (serves 6-8 as a side salad)

simple salad - radishes, herbs, lemon and olive oil 30

vegan cobb- chickpeas, sweet potato, avocado 40

chopped chicken- apple, bacon, mustard and blue cheese 46

spanish tuna salad-black beans, roasted potato, soft egg 46



SIDES (a quart serves 4-6 people)

(can be packed in a disposable serving bowl for an additional 4 dollar charge)


curried chicken salad with raisins & almonds 30/quart

beets with red wine vinaigrette & red onion 20/quart

italian broccoli with garlic & chili 20/quart

roasted curried cauliflower 20/quart

white quinoa with black beans lime & poblano peppers 20/quart

farro tabouleh with asparagus beets fennel & cucumber 20/quart

roasted carrots with cumin vinaigrette 20/quart

roasted brussel sprouts with radicchio and balsamic 22/quart

pasta salad with pesto roasted tomato & bocconcini 22/quart



pastry platter (serves 8-10) :

chocolate or caramel brownie bites, lemon bar bites, assorted cookies, chocolate honey comb 56


cookie extravaganza (serves 8-10) :

assortment of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin, snicker doodle,

date molases, gf chocolate walnut & 48


assorted French macarons (serves 4) 25


WHOLE CAKES – call for additional flavors

6” chocolate or carrot cake (serves 6-8 people)  48

8” chocolate or carrot cake (serves 10-12 people)  60

12” chocolate or carrot cake (serves 24-30 people)  144