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breakfast served 8:00am - 11:00 am


(subject to availability)


croissant $3.50

pain au chocolat $4.00

ham & gruyère croissant $4.95

blueberry muffin $3.25

bran muffin $3.00

coffee hazelnut muffin $ 3.25

strawberry oat scone $3.25

maple brown sugar scone $3.25


house-made granola

with milk $7.95

add market fruit +$3.95


challah french toast

with vermont maple syrup $8.95

add market fruit +$3.95

add bacon or ham +$2.95


scottish oatmeal

with apples, raisins and steamed milk $7.95


avocado toast

avocado, soft-cooked egg, burrata, arugula, green harissa on sourdough $11.00


two eggs any style

sunny, scramble, boiled, omelet

with fried potatoes or tomato and toast $8.95

add bacon or ham +2.95


breakfast sandwiches on ciabbata roll

(croissant, sourdough, whole wheat or bagel also available)


bacon, scrambled egg and fontina $8.95

turkey, jack, fried eggs $8.95

broccoli, cheddar, egg whites $8.95


breakfast burrito

scrambled egg, bacon, avocado, fried potaoes, green harissa $9.95

add cheese +$1



farmers’ market fruit $4.95

fried potatoes $4.50

vande rose bacon or ham $4 .95


house made smoothies $9


the green at maple

spinach, kale, apple, avocado, ginger, maple syrup


berry-orange blend

orange, raspberries, strawberries, plain yogurt, maple syrup


the splurge

raspberries, strawberries, chocolate ice cream, milk






open monday - friday 8:00am - 4:00pm 345 north maple drive - in the courtyard of the maple plaza building - beverly hills, ca. 310 248 3779